"The LORD is good to those whose hope is in Him, to the one who seeks Him;" Lamentations 3:25

Monday, February 28, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays

So I have joined Ann Voskamp in her quest (which she has far surpassed already) to find 1000 gifts from God.  I must say that I have been off to a slow start and need to keep my eyes and heart much more open to the daily gifts that I receive from my Daddy.  Every Monday I will be posting my gifts. Enjoy!

  • Noah's dirty hands
  • 2nd grade girl coming out to play for recess arms spread wide, head held back slowly swaying back and forth feeling the air's breath on her face
  • Noah laying on the couch groggy with sleep, toy pressed against his face and he presses the top and it pops, he smiles lazily
  • the first smile of the morning
  • pen's that write in pink!
  • A Bible that once was plain to me, now I use frequently, the Word is magnificent no matter what form it takes!
  • a prayer saying thanks for my food that melts my lips and I realize how loving and patient He is. My heart grows for Him.
  • A beautiful rose wrapped in delightful tissue paper
  • An unexpected surprise-Dennis getting Noah up a few minutes early. His hair wild and he is still mostly asleep, head hanging, eyes closed. He looked so big and cuddly.
  • Arriving to daycare and school safely after a white knuckled drive in the snow
  • smells that take you back. It's not always a specific memory, it just takes me back.
  • Noah eating snow for the first time
  • a long written conversation with Jesus
  • when He answers my questions
  • Our bed, fluffy comforter and all
  • A sunny day after so much winter
P.S. I am terribly aware that I have been absent from my blog...which is typical for me but I do not want to fall into that routine again. I will be posting more regularly now (Lord willing!), I am expecting to share tomorrow a powerful conversation that I had today with Jesus.  Stay tuned!


  1. Sarah I so enjoy reading your blog...Just added~Reading my friends blog to my list of One Thousand Gifts.-Jamie

  2. Thank you Jamie! = ) That really made my day, I am honored to have made your list! = )Knowing someone other than just my Mom reads my blog motivates me even more to not neglect it!