"The LORD is good to those whose hope is in Him, to the one who seeks Him;" Lamentations 3:25

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jewel in My Path

I just had to share this real quick.  I just love it when the Lord plants something along the path of my day that speaks directly to me and is just that extra ooomph that I needed. Of course, it is almost 2 in the morning, I probably shouldn't add anymore oomph to my day.  Anyways I have been having more frequent and more intense anxiety attacks recently.  They are getting to the point that I don't want to do anything, I just want to lay in bed for fear of having another one.  I come across this quick two minute message from Beth about coping.  I can get through this. I especially liked the part where she points out that we can call on the power of the Holy Spirit to tap into an energy beyond ourselves to do what we need to do.  I felt that tonight at Bible Study when I just felt completely drained and I felt a panic start to set in that I wouldn't even be able to drive myself home because the attack would be too intense.  I just felt the Spirit tell me "You can do it. You'll make it home safe, just get through this. I've got you."  Here is the link to the message I heard:

Why am I up so late? I can't stop!  In my defense this seems to be a great time of day because everyone is asleep and the day is over so I don't feel guilty for surfing the internet because there is some 'to-do list' ahead of me because after a certain hour in the evening a 'to-do list' doesn't exist anymore right? It all started with the e-mail from her blog that I get and it has just been a domino effect from there.  I keep coming across all sorts of neat stuff, watching videos, listening to messages.  I'm laughing because tonight's message from Priscilla Shier was on nickels and dimes.  The short of it is we can hold onto nickels when there is a dime that is twice as valuable right in from of us. Translation: We have the God the King of the Universe at our disposal and Jesus Christ in us as the Holy Spirit (the dime) and yet we cling onto books on how to read the Bible, teachers (Beth Moore) who teach the Bible etc. (the nickels) rather than doing it ourselves.  I really relate to that because I am so much more apt on reading a book on how to read the Bible or listening to a message on how to commune with God rather than actually doing it!! Okay, I'm rambling, a pure sign of the 2 am crazies.  Good night!

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